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20th SEPTEMBER 2014

Regular Expressions Online Tester –

Do you know ?

I found this wonderful regular expressions tester with explanation and help last week. It provides quick and clear regex pattern test before implementation and deployment. Let’s have a look!


Long queries and timeout

By default regular expressions execution time is limited to 2000 ms, which can be easily increased in settings menu in the right-top window corner

C# modifiers

As regular expressions may be used in C# as well, however modifiers usage may be a bit confusing to programmers who are not familiar to regex in C#. RegexOptions enum provides most of necessary modifiers. Ungreedy modifier is missing but may be easily substituted by proper using of .*? and .* kind of patterns. Here is a sample usage of regular expressions in C# with modifiers:

As well, inline modifiers can be used. Here is a case insensitive example: